RUNNING BLIND: I am a blind person running 10 KM for runners with disabilities

This March I’ll be running 10 KM for Achilles Canada, an organization that supports runners with disabilities.  Help me raise $1,000 for runners with disabilities, just like me.

As you may know, I am legally blind.

Years ago, I was diagnosed with a genetic eye condition. Since then running outside in downtown Toronto has become somewhat inaccessible. For years running had been a way for me to treat my anxiety and depression. I had trained for races in the past and always wanted to run a marathon but the dream died for a while because I couldn’t find my way among the bright lights and loud noises of Parkdale.

Panic and low moods returned and became status quo until last year when my partner, Navid, and I moved to Leslieville. It turns out the East end is filled with beautiful parks and trails. I started out running with my dog again. Mordechai and I conquered 5 km runs along the water until it became too hot for him to run. In May 2021 I became a solo runner again and I committed to training for a marathon. Despite an injury, the training brought me such job and, even with my injury, I was able to complete the 5 km waterfront race in only 28 minutes. “Wow, you look really happy,” Navid said when he saw me at the finish line. I was really happy.

When I’m training, I can actually get out of bed, set goals and focus. Without running in my daily life, existence seems to fall to the waste side. I want to recommend running as a form of therapy to everyone with depression and anxiety but I know there are great barriers to the sport.

Achilles Canada offers clinics and races that support runners with all kinds of disabilities. With their training and encouragement, a more inclusive running community is on the way and I hope, by supporting them, that I can encourage more people to confront their barriers and join the race.

I’m committed to raising $1,000 for Achilles Canada. If you could please join me in supporting their work, even a small amount can make an impact. Perhaps instead of a movie rental or eBook purchase, or even just instead of a coffee, you can consider donating those dollars to Achilles Canada. If you’re so inclined, you can support me and thousands of other runners here.

You can also support by sharing this post with others!

If you can’t sponsor me, please consider sharing my story on social media or even email it to a friend. You never know who may be inspired. They may even join the race.


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