Rachel Ganz is a Toronto-based playwright, essayist, and story teller.  She is the co-founder and artistic director of Newborn Theatre, The Odds and Ends Festival and Down Mordechai Productions.


Current projects include:

The Theatre – A web series
Headscape – A novel
Imitations of Healing Humans  РA novel
Killyerwife – A Two-Act Musical
Blip – A Freak Show
Something About The Beat of a Heart – A one-act play


Past projects includes:

The Long Run (2012) A 35-minute one act, one female/two males

Three young siblings wake up to discover that their mother has gone missing.

Plasterface (2012) – A 60-minute solo show

A woman revisits her elementary school and is overcome by the violent memory of a bully and his victim.

Teach Me (2013) – A 60-minute one act, two females/one male

Two high school students catch their teacher masturbating in his car.

The Dumb War (2014)-A 60-minute one act, two females

A young woman is forced to share her room with a new adopted sister, turning the space into a battleground for full scale war.

Plucked (2015) – A 90-minute one act, two females/four males

A young woman watches her mother turn into a chicken.

Vacuum (2016) – A 70-minute one act, three females/four males

The day she is meant to escape from an institutionalized home for “upsetting people”, Ever mistakenly murders a room full of women and doubts her right to freedom.