JULY: Cat Creations, Conformity Cleanse, Crossover Career

Hmm yes the letter of the month is C.

So let’s C what we can do with it (I have never had a letter of the month, I am just trying something new, let’s go with it…)

Here are my current conundrums and creations


I am re-visiting the series that began this blog. Originally, it was written to chronicle the work that I was doing to create an alter ego for a web series. Honestly, I went back to the butt of my blog to start archiving things but it was obvious that the series is transcendent. This month I’ll be updating posts from the pasts and re-framing them to relate to the content creation and marketing work I am currently researching.


The activation of so many causes for uprising struck me as dizzying. The pressure to join in on writing anti-hate and specifically anti-racist rhetoric caused a lot of thought-confusion. We all began reading the same books, spewing the same slogans, arguing the same published evidence. It hit me in a meeting. Someone said something that directly quoted a book to argue a point that I didn’t agree with. I agreed with the theoretical argument they were making but it bothered me that the philosophy was being misused simply because it was agreeable.

I believe that as writers and artists we need to indulge in our free thinking.

I don’t really want to create for theatre anymore because it’s become clear that theatre is a space for group-thinking.

Instead, what I want to do, is engage with the art industries and advocate for conformity cleanses, which means that we can all rid ourselves of the pressure to think like one another and accept our own thoughts as they are.

Yes, we can change compassionately but, we aren’t robots. If we change without first listening to our thoughts, we ruin our opportunity to learn.

I have a new mission. It isn’t theatre. It’s much bigger than that.

Ironically, it’s moving me into advertising because I have honed in on my love for understanding human behaviour.

To Evolve is to Enjoy. Here I go.


As I move into marketing I’ll be trying new things. E-Commerce opportunities maybe but definitely a mailing list! Please click the button at the end of every article and subscribe for writing prompts, tips and motivational articles.

Stay healthy, stay honest, stay cool (I had to add a C word),