MONDAY DEPRESSION DISTRACTIONS: 3 Weird Things to Think about with Links and Writing Prompts

It’s super sunny but WARNING there will be freezing rain tomorrow. Is it a pathetic fallacy? I hope not. Here’s five links that will lead you somewhere happier if you find yourself lost in a frozen death tunnel of depressing thoughts.


From the

Miyuki Ueta is one of Japan’s most famous female serial killers. She died today on death row from choking on her food. She was a hostess who allegedly murdered six men, two of whom she is accused of having owed money. I can’t find her side of the story but here’s a GREAT writing prompt to distract you from your life: write Miyuki’s version of events.

Here’s some reporting from the Japanese Times on her death.

The Tokyo Reporter‘s coverage of her crimes is a little more detailed and includes some pictures.

If you DO write this prompt, PLEASE make sure to add an excerpt in the comments.


The Future of 1920s is a YouTube channel that shares futurist imaginings from the twenties. Imagine: the thought of machines before the age of machines. Here’s my writing prompt: Watch the video or a section of it, write down one machine or image that strikes you and turn that machine or image into a character. Now, write a scene between your new character and it’s mother.


Somewhere in Australia, there are chickens who protect humans from disease. It’s truly bizarre but it would be even more bizarre if they protected people from OTHER PEOPLE. So,, here is my writing prompt: Set the scene for these chickens. Use all the sense, (sight, taste, smell, touch, hear) to transport your reader to South Wales, Australia where the sentinel chickens roam. And then right a fight scene.


Comment!! Let me know how you relate

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