MONDAY DEPRESSION DISTRACTIONS—List of fun links and things

Distract yourself away from depression today with these fun places to explore. I believe in you!

  1. Cute animals–Did you know they discovered a new mammal in 2013 and it’s the cutest thing ever? Get obsessed.
  2. Absurd FASHION fun facts: Ok, these handbags are worth way too much but the rabbit hole of fashion re-sale absurdity is a really cozy place to funnel depression anger.
  3. True Crime—-The Idaho Student Murders are haunting, terrible and also an internet obsession I hadn’t heard of until Vox printed this very thorough report. Start here but it don’t end here.
  4. Stupid Drama—Ok, I’m not much for the royals but Harry is Hil-harry-ous. I think if you’re bored and depressed, try investing in his character, at least ironically. He’s fun to be angry at. He’s fun to care about. He’s fun to feel sorry for. He’s just a fun time. Start here. Then, try a YouTube search. Avoid Megan though. She’s a drag.

5. Some hope?–The tech world does bring around some hope sometimes. AI sounds terrifying but, this article made me think about the ways in which it might help us which is certainly not boring OR depressing. Check it out.

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