Good Books for Bad Days—Military Edition

Each of this week’s books had something to do with someone being either extremely militant or literally in the military and I don’t know but it really kept me hooked into these narratives which helped me stay far far away from my own depressed-lazy-unmotivated vibe.

I’m Glad My Mom Died, Jenette McCurdy

It’s a memoir of a Nickelodeon child star and it does not disappoint, with insight into her Mormon upbringing, her lifelong eating disorder and a number of coming-of-age love affairs. Most of all, contrary to what the title may have you think, Jenette loved her mother and the story she tells about their mother-daughter relationship is beautiful and fascinating. I’ve never heard a story like Jenette’s before and I’m including her book in the “military edition” because the effort it took for her to survive was extraordinary. (As a side note, her eating disorders are extremely militant. Please take care if you choose to read.)

Drift, L.T. Ryan

This thriller is the first of many in L.T. Ryan’s Rachel Hatch series and it is certainly not the last I will read. Rachel Hatch is ex-military and she is BAD ASS AS HELL. I devoured this small town murder mystery in a number of hours. I especially recommend this book if you’re having a hard time focusing. I downloaded it on my Kindle for free so it was absolutely no pressure. I sat in a comfy chair and turned pages. It relieved me from the burden of reality brilliantly. I super recommend to all depressed people!

Girls Need Not Apply: Field Notes From the Forces, Kelly S. Thompson

Kelly S. Thompson is an incredible storyteller. This coming-of-age memoir pulls us through her military training and experience in the Canadian Armed Forces. I swear I laughed in every chapter and I genuinely re-considered my thoughts on military and civilian gender discrepancies. It’s one of those books that’s good when you take it deep or when you keep it shallow so if you’re feeling depressed you can take it as it comes. It will, in the very least, give you great scenes, great action, wonderful laughs.

Valley of the Genius: The Uncensored History of Silicon Valley

Full disclosure: I love anything to do with Silicon Valley. But, if you want to learn a ton about the companies you likely engage with on the regular, this is a fun book that will give you all the info. The chapters are compilations of interviews with some of Silicon Valley’s key players. I have SO MANY new factoids (Did you know that Wired Magazine had literal garbage for furniture in their original office). And, I was genuinely inspired by the chutzpa that these innovators had and the time they took to invest in themselves. I really recommend this book as a perusal or listen to the audiobook, go for a walk and soak in the splendor (that’s what I did!)

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