Sweat: Run, Squat, Straddle Your Partner

Feeling unsexy and unmotivated? Here are four ways you can improve your outlook with sex and exercise.

Coming out of Covid-19 means coming out of hiding, and I cannot stop comparing my body to ever other woman on the planet. 

I am caught in cycle: Judging myself for losing control over my appearance and then eating a bunch of sugar. Judgement, sugar. Judgement, sugar. Now what?

For the record, I am short, curvy, glossy haired and smooth skinned: Everything is fine. There is no problem with my body. The problem is my attitude and attitude is impossible to fix when my mood is, “let’s drink a vodka-fizz, eat ice cream and watch housewives fight on a boat.”

The real problem is that self-hate has me hiding from the people who love me, primarily my man. I faked tired last week to avoid sex. Not good. Terrible.

The only way out is up. I’ve started waking up on time, 4 A.M. before work, before writing, I hop on the treadmill or I stream a workout and I sweat until my eyes are burning. 

Sweaty workouts amplify our libidos. I know because I am personally more willing to roll around naked and straddle my man when I feel strong and accomplished.

Don’t believe me? Here are 4 ways that a daily sweat can help your sex life:


Sweating, feeling my muscles, feeling myself, all I want to do is get naked and share my body with someone I love.

When you accomplish impossible things with your body, you’re gaining good feelings about yourself, you’re transforming into a “Yes I Can and I Can’t Believe it” person. 

You’re proud.

Proud women know that they’re worth sleeping with. 

When we workout, we train our heartrate to slow down, improving our ability to breathe while moving rapidly.


Cardio isn’t just a calorie-burning exercise, but an opportunity to teach your heart how to love like you’ve never loved before.

Get your heartrate up for 20 minutes a day and you will no longer lose your breath at the very thought of sex.

We’re way sexier when we’re comfortable being sexy for longer periods of time.

Sexual Appetite

They say that just 20 minutes of exercise can increase the female libido by 16%. How? Brain chemistry. Hormones wake up when we work out. Working out also stimulates the release of an enzyme that sends blood flow to your vaginal region, increasing arousal. That’s right ladies, it’s not just your bike seat that’s got you tingling. It’s your blood flowing!


When we have more energy and we feel better about ourselves we are naturally more curious. Cock rings are not so intimidating when you’re ready to ride! Role playing? Why not? When you know your body can handle anything, you’re naturally more excited to try new things.

Being single is not a deterrent. If you think you’re satisfied with running out a quickie every once in a while, then you need to enhance your body image, grab a wand and truly love yourself.

If you’re bored and anxious, exercise and sex are great tools for moving past your worry and back into the world.

Thank you for reading!

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