Art and Mental Illness #2: Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh was prone to epileptic seizures, depressive episodes and manic states of creativity.

Van Gogh famously cut off his own with a razor, a telltale sign of his mental illness. However, there are disputes about whether Van Gogh cut off his ear or whether it was his estranged friend, Paul Gauguin cut off part of Van Gogh’s ear during a dispute.

Still, Van Gogh produced most of his paintings while in a mental asylum which is bold proof of his affinity for manic creation.

Just yesterday, a good friend said to me, “I used to love those videos you would make (I know you were manic but,)”

I created a lot of great works during my last manic episode that can’t be conjured now that I’m healthy. The wealth of creativity is missed but, believe me, it feels good to be sane because now I am not in danger.

As an artist with bi polar disorder, I greatly admire Van Gogh for the life he survived and the work he was able to produce. Here are some famed and favoured:

All images takes from the online Van Gogh gallery.


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