Five Steps To Fighting Depression You Can Do From Your Bed

More often lately, I shut down and lie in bed for exasperated chapters of the day.

After time, it’s worthwhile to recover because otherwise things will only get worse. Depression, when left for too long, is lethal.

I’ve learned that lesson more than once in my life and I fight constantly to never hit that wall ever again.

I noticed this morning, feeling recovered from last night’s bout of woe, there are five things I rely on to re-motivate my will to exists.

  1. Hope
  2. Laughter
  3. Momentum
  4. Stillness
  5. Creativity

I know it sounds corny but, if you’re really down, read on:

1. Hope

Curled into a ball, watching a show about MTV about ghosting and people who date other people before they are ready to be loved

Order your favourite meal for less

Send your kids to school, it will only be for a week

Never regret listening

Suck on water when you’re hungry and oranges when you’re sad

Further notice is always a good idea

Notice of any kind is a always a good idea

Little thoughts of maybe appear

In the cracks between No and Whatever

  1. Change
  2. Peace
  3. Water
  4. Still rocks on the edge forever until they fall

2. Laughter

Scrabble is played by at least two people who speak the same language

Nothing is a word unless it is used to say things

Before speech, there is noise

Grip cheeks, turn head, breathe shallow chest mucus air

Forget your parents, forget your legs, forget you can or can’t

Nonsense is the uncreation of Worry

Funny is the end of speech

It’s the outbreak of surrender

GURL is a word

3. Momentum

Skip rope with me for a minute

Or until you fall

Click click hit the ground if you’re short enough to hear the ground

Go go go go go go go go go go g

You can’t hear what you don’t accept

Three minutes, five

Only dead sticks fall from the wind

4. Stillness

If you’re really dead, enjoy it

Lie sweat and hiccups

You’re being licked

5. Creativity 

Brain reactivity 

Electricity is happiness recruited

Slither through the walls of a different home

Give away a new design

Build to fix



Comment!! Let me know how you relate

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