Data Analysis for Hot Women: Mostly Old Men are Watching Your Feeds

Are you a woman who is posting things online? You’re not just posting for your intended audience!

I am writing this article as part of my extended series “Worth Your Money” where I chronicle my journey looking for employment in the world of digital media.

This past week, I spent a total of $9 promoting three instagram posts.

I am seeking employment in the field of digital media and almost every job posting I’ve read has required that I have a tremendous social media following.

Intent on growing my popularity, I decided to investigate.

Which of my posts are actually interesting to the universe at large?

Who is eyeballing my content?

How can I attract more of these people.

I have been writing a blog for two years and this whole time I was sure that my audience has been mainly made of millennial artists.


My photos on instagram attract the attention of men ages 45-55 almost exclusively. 

I am creating content for CREEPS.

I had some vague idea of the amount of creepy strangers who were eyeballing my photos.

Every so often I get weird DMs from men, telling me I am extremely special and please follow them back for their own special private inboxed content but I had NO idea that the majority of people looking at my work were NOT the sophisticated millennial women I expected them to be.

Of course with this data, I am compelled to act. If I need a following to gain employment, obviously all I need to do is continue to create content for men ages 45-55.

Dear employer, you want a large sized following, no problem! You never said it had to be people my age or trendsetting artists or interesting individuals of any kind. You never SAID that within my following I needed to strategically avoid the millions of creepy men who exist on the internet.

The act of “Weinsteining”, as I have come to refer to this reality of old men peeking at hot women on instagram, is inevitable but how much does their followship account for the supposed popular women on instagram.

Is that the new popularity? Appeasing the eyeballs of any creep with a data plan?

In my head I dream of a YouTube account where I debunk the idea of a hot woman and take footage of the multitude of beauties I know leading their lives without the intent of appeasing a man.

Yes I’m cute but did I mention that I ate a chicken sandwich today involving an onion that had been already sliced in my fridge for a week and then without brushing my teeth went to get a new tattoo beneath my sagging giant breast that I had to hold in a way that completely exposed my busy armpit?


Probably not but that’s perfect because I never meant to entertain you.

I didn’t write this as a cautionary tale I want to invite you to share with me your experiences of attracting audiences on social media. 

How do you attract the right audience?

There’s actually NOTHING WRONG with a diverse audience of all kinds of admirers but tell me:

Have you ever experienced a digital encounter that truly made you feel like you had accidentally departed from your own comfort zone?

Comment below with your answer or DM me on IG @rachelganz

Either way, come back tomorrow for more job hunting revelations from the world of a woman with no clue how to get a job.

And maybe stay tuned for my new YouTube channel of gross things that hot women do every day.


Comment!! Let me know how you relate

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