Take hold of your life, Woman

Just keep nodding your head, Leslie

Don’t stop or he’ll cry, Leslie

Keep nodding your head, Leslie

He keeps mentioning someone named Richard and some conference you have to go to and other fancy industry things that you could have learned about from the internet, Leslie, but instead you emailed some guy for help and advice because it felt like a positive advancement, it felt like a step towards a dream, working in the tech industry, next to young people, next to Richards, you are in your fifties and you are making a change, you are taking your life back, your children have moved on, your husband has been married twice since leaving you, your parents are gone, your life can either be very sad or very professional but why didn’t you email a woman, Leslie, or just simply anyone other than  a man

Keep nodding your head, Leslie

This young man is clearly very important

He has a laptop case and leather sneakers that WILL NOT be defeated by winter and a grip on the table that screams “THIS IS MY TABLE” and a strange shadow of a moustache that screams “I AM A SOCIETAL POWER-PERSON” as his body angles slightly away from you because he has no intentions of ever remembering you, LESLIE, get up leave and ask a woman your tech questions, any woman in here, anybody  with a cunt or at least someone with the will to revere cunt-intellect, get out of her, send a different email

Or try to say something——no don’t, no, don’t.


He requires your unending involuntary affirmations.

He needs you to nod your head, Leslie.

Don’t change who you are, Les, be a nice woman.

Just keep nodding your head, Leslie