Women Who Write: A top ten for the sake of right now

I feel a pervasive urgency for the women around me to express their pain without ingratiating themselves.  I have therefore collecting this list of inspirational wonder-artists who lead with their pussies and voice with their everything.

The headlines are horrific but we have written these stories before.  Read them.  Bravery and generosity has put them on paper, go read them.  Fall in love with them.  Cry.  Get away from the headlines for a bit.  Dwell in the beauty of what can come from them.

I tried writing descriptions for each author but I ended up writing the words “honest, terrifying, makes me want to cry” over and over again.  Instead, I’ve listed some of my favourite quotes.  Go find these women (if you haven’t already)



  1. Elfriede Jelinek

    “Paula learns early to regard her body and what happens to it, as something that happens to someone else.” -Women as Lovers

  2. Clarice Lispector

    “This isn’t just a narrative.  It’s above all primary life that breathes, breathes, breathes.” – The Hour of the Star

  3. Bianca Sparacino

    “Foolish is the man who does not trust his wild.” –Seeds Planted in Concrete

  4. Charlotte Perkins Gilman

    “Nobody would believe what an effort it is to do what little I am able.” – The Yellow Wallpaper

  5. Anne Sexton

    “Each night I am nailed into place and I forget who I am” –Transformations

  6. Adele Wiseman

    “Tell him what happened earlier on tonight, before you knew that you keep trying to forget”- Crackpot

  7. Doris Lessing

    “She was a most rare phenomenon:  A woman of thirty without love troubles, headaches, backaches, sleeplessness or neurosis.”– The Grass is Singing

  8. Djanet Sears

    “People paid to see how big her butt was, and when she died, how big her pussy was” -Harlem Duet

  9. Renata Adler

    “The relationship between storytelling and eroticism is close…There is always sex and sometimes mortal danger.”  – Pitch Dark

  10. Kristjana Gunnars

    “It occurred to me to wonder if you can lose a happiness because another, greater happiness, has supplanted it.” Night Train to Nykøbing

Perhaps all-too-obvious honorable mentions to Chris Kraus, Simone De Beauvoir, Virginia Woolf and, believe it or not, Jane Austen


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